Heres a lickle doodle I did of Emma Frost from X men, I quite liked it so i slapped a bit of quick colour on it

Here are some scrappy doodles exploring the female form
Here are some girls, one looks a bit warm, and the other seems a bit peed off. :)


Wednesday brings claws and stuff

Hello, heres a new Wolverine, a more simplified kinda animation style thing, hope you like



Its like a Monday, but on Tuesday, wiered hu? Hello again from the land of drawing, I didnt do a hell of alot this weekend, just watched B movie sci fi and played on my X Box. Yes this weekend I played way too much lego star wars and as a result drew...
DR DOOM, he's a bit silly looking, but it was kind of the point, hope ypu like him :)


Now you will feel the burning hate of...

heres a nice colour version of my latest encarnation for Candleman, were do these freaks keep coming from and why? Candleman doesnt care, its all in a days work for a legend.



Been looking at some shiny things out there and was inspired to draw up something completly in the computer, you get such a different line quality and its ace, heres a thing, I dont think I'm confidebt enough with the tablet yet to try something really controlled, but I'll give it a go, and let you know how it went. Hope you like him, I'm quite pleased, its a start any way
And this afternoon I did this bad boy, huuuhuhuoooyeah, Im happy with this critter. mmm I always liked the calvin and hobbes animals and the heavy inking makes me think of um


Halfway... through the week

And here are the mid week offerings. This is a rough sketch of a new bad guy lurking in the shadows of Candlemans world. I've had his story on the cards for ages, coming off the back of the INFERNO story line, but its taken me from early last year to come up with a look for the guy that I actually like, which is odd, cos I usually have a character designed then go, this guys cool, whats his story, this si the first time I have had it the other way.
And this, its not really for anything, I just happened to do a pick of a WW2 style trooper and it turned out ok, so I quickly did some photo shop magic on it and offer it to you in all its brown tinted oldy worldy glory.


Latest fire retardent offerings to the god of art..


What's with all the Pirates I hear you cry!!, meh, I dunno, summin to draw innit. Heres a doodle. Not doing alot of finished stuff at the mo, again, in that mind set of, 'non of my drawings deserve it', so I cant promise when i will lay something shiny upon thee, so pencils will have to keep u happ for now.

And here is another silly doodle, aw, those poore saps from the Action Hero Legue never seem to get a brake to they, heres one being crept upon by a kinda cutsy version of the alien from...uh, Alien?

before I sign off, I'd like to say, cheers to the folks who posted comments rescently, I am finally getting traffic from folks I havnt actually met, always good.

More pics soon, Later folks



ANOTHER SACK O DO DO MONDAY, and some below par drawing, man, I'd be happy with my work if it was at least consistant. But these are the least shit ones of this morning.
A knife girl, with knives.

A pirate girl with a monkey on her shoulder



Again, here we are at the land of Friday, were work becomes play, and the future holds indeturmined wonders.

For me, it will probably hold, drawing and games. Drawings such as this, Here's a scribble of Wilhelmina from Candleman. I am pleased, again, with the shading and whatnot, it turned out quite well.

Here's a rock chick, all gothed up, I did it after the small head sketch I did earlier in the week, I liked the dreadlocks and such so much, i felt it desurved expantion.

And to finish. Bruce Banner from the HULK, I did a few scribbles of the main character in the Hulk, and this was clearly the best, so here he is, looking suitably nerdya and depressed.


today is THURSDAY

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand gooodmorning, I'm feeling a bit better these mornings, mainly as we approach the weekend hehehe. But seriously though, I feel a little more on form with my work the last few days.

And here we go, if you look to the left you will see, a school girl with a gun, remeniscent of the BATTLE ROYALE form of art, most commonly recognised as chicks with guns, this form can be found most prolific in teenage boys and game concept artists. :)

I was pretty pleased with this one, and it holds up nicely to the 'day after test' when you come back and dont want to burn the picture on site, thats when its working, I spent a little longer than usual on the shading here, a habit I'm trying to ge into.

Heres a chick with dread locks, dunno why, fancied drawing some different hair. Im thinking, that when Phillipa Pots finally appears in Candleman, that she will probably look summit like this.
And here is a girl all dressed summery, and why not I say.
Ill see you guys on the morrow, with more draws. :)



Again I return to the land of Blog. As mr Anon mentioned they like a picture of Ghost rider, I felt abliged to draw one, here it is.

And here, in celibration of the up coming film, is a TRANSFORMER, forgive me, robots aint my thing.


MONDAY scribblings

Here are some scribbles from this morning. I went to Londineum on the weekend to see WICKED, which was as good as its name implies.
While I was ther I visited FORBIDDEN PLANET and payed homage at the alter of comics, as I was browsing I found the new collections of CIVIL WAR and happened to glace through it to discover I'de missed the last issue of WOLVERINE with art by Humberto Ramos, so annoyingly had to buy the whole thing again, for the last issue, sweet and well worth it though. So having flipped through it on the weekend I found myself newly inspired, as a result here are some doodlings.
Here's a full page of scribbles with Mr Lucifer in the bottom left, and heres also is a corner doodle of Gran Moff Tarken from Star Wars a new hope.
Also. I must thank the anon person who tells me that I am awesome and the love my work, on 2007-04-26, I am deeply greatful for the praise and appreciate it, however I am perplexed as to their mention of them liking my GHOST RIDER pic posted on deviant art, as to my knoeledge Ive never drawn the character. hmm, odd, hope this doesnt stop you liking my stuff Anon. :)


undead beauties

Been a bit lax this week, sorry folks, so to make up for it, heres some lovelly honeyz, dont get too close though, they bite.


HELLLOOOOO, here are another girl, and yes, i realise the english are bad it be on perpose, i dont know why, just is.

AHENNY WAY, here is a female agent for the failing government funded department the AHL, I could tell you more about them but, I wont, you'll just have to wait, one day they will show up in something honest, I swear.

And, just for you, heres som boobies. This is Brandy Flush, she is a star of films for the deserning single man in Candlemans world. Here she is as she appears on the cover of blue legend Hockey Hookers 4, one of Claudes faves. :)
More doodlyness later.



Well, one anyway, good ols Wilhelmina, as the weather improves, she lives in hope of getting rid of her tan lines and getting an over all nice brown colour, with her hispanic roots, she colours well, and here she is all ready to catch some rays
I'm back on form now after my week or so of failing skills, and will try to keep ontop of my postings, hope you enjoy the 2 dimentional T and A, well mainly T from this angle :)