whats happening?

Hello there, I thought a spoonful of information might be useful.
Here is a sneaky peak at RED MONKEY AND THE BLADES OF TIME, my short for the up coming SMART BOMB collection.

You may of noticed a post by the mighty GO3 further down the page, he was there at the creation of Candleman and we have ever since bounced ideas off one another in a kind of forging drinking kinda comedic way, up until rescently he has been in charge of running the Candlemania site, whic as of a few days ago, is now NO MORE, it was difficult to maintain compaired to the Blog, so, the plan is to combine the two and have a much more action filled blog space RIGHT HERE, so dont worry, if anyones looking for www.candlemania.co.uk, its not dead, its just being reanimated :)

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