I have been lacks in my posts, mainly as I am working on staying in the light and other stuff for the comic con.
So, just for fun I doodled this, i am always fascinated by silly cross over comics and such like, superman vs aliens verses terminator vs robocop vs yada yada, so i drew BUFFY VS ALIENS, cant go wrong with boobs and monsters as the hammer films proved, if only hammer had made aliens...
Ok, so, this is an edit, i just went mental doing some scribbles, some of them were quite nice so I posted um

There are some pics for brumicon in here and some vampire shit, I reall REALLY wanna do a CANDLEMAN vampire story, as kind of an accompanyment to darkness falls, but never seem to get one that works.

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Lycan90 said...

Just simple wow....
Your sketches are jsut so awesome. XD