Greetings, readers. This is Geoff. My role here is to turn this blog into a working www.candlemania.co.uk while enhancing it in form and function (as much as is possible with Blogger), and contributing my own angle on this Candleman nonsense that I helped to give birth to all those years ago. Hopefully some new flash content can be added here, as well as some solid article pages and other spanglyness.

And no, that's not burnt into my palm, it's a prototype for a real-world pair of Mayan jade earrings that Willi wears in "Staying in the Light". I hope to make a couple of pairs of these as promotional items for when the comic finally comes around (don't hold your breath, folks, it'll be a while yet.)
The plan is to cast them in polyester resin with a opaque pale green colouring agent and fit jewellery fastenings into the tops. They will then be presented in an attractive box of some sort, preferably not brown cardboard. They'll be cool and minty.

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