In light of the up coming Hulk film I did a little doodle.
I'm gonna stir controversy and say I actually really liked the Ang Lee Hulk film, the high brow attempt at story telling balanced the savage simplicity of the titular Hulk, and I thought it was a great movie. Due to its poor reception I am worried that the sequil will be foar simpler, dwelling less on Banners termoil and psychology and turning into a brawl between two huge crappy cg creatures, I'm not conviced by the new look of hulk or Abomination.
On the subject of whome, why do we have to have a villain who is basically a mirror of the Hulk, making the conflict into a slug fest, I'm sure someone like MODOK (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.O.D.O.K.)would be a far more interesting villain for the big green to pit himself agains, oh well, we shal see, i just hope its a valid sequel to a film that raised my opinion of one of the Marvel greats.


Wil said...

Hulk likes picture. Makes Hulk look actiony and ready to smash puny humans. Hulk not sure about new movie. Hulk not understand cgi. Hulk want Jennifer Connelly back. She pretty.

Ash Collins said...

i dunno mang..... the ang lee one was a neon green crap-cg shit story fuckfest nightmare of a dogs vomit. but hey, iron man was fantastic, so it shows that Marvel at least have the POTENTIAL to get it right... right?