Am I just all scew wiff here?

Everytime I do something that I am margenally proud of it never gets a single comment, but if I pump out some random turd of a drawing, it always seems to get nice coments 'well done! good job!' wtf, am I taking crazy pills!
Aaany way, aside from my moment of madness, here is a shiny pic I did the other night, I was origonally going to use the characters in this for the colab comic I am doing, KUNG FU nun is a comic character from Candlemans universe, a rival studios attempt to rival Mega Priest! As i said, I quite like how this turned out, so i expect no coments!
Here am another pic I did tuther day, again, trying to get me a cholour technique thats fast and filled with pop, this is a achracter my company did a few years ago, Jo Dark, this is my crazy version of her :)

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Geoff said...

I defy thee with mine comment!

I particularly like how you've rendered the elbow pads. Very nice. And hey, you've even got the sharks with the frickin' glowing eyes and everythin.