Would you draw forever?

So, one of my girlfriends friends asked her last night, 'so, your boy friend, does he just sit and doodle all the time?' and my girlfriend said 'yep, if he could, that's all he'd do' and you know what, she's right. If I could just draw all the time, I would... HELL YEAH

So here are some of my pics I did last night. This one features mainly Wilhelmina and in the corners of the page, a girl with guns and some doodles for a story featuring a Chupicabre

And pictures of face, faces faces faces. Some good, alot of shit :)

And my favorite page of the night. I absolutly love the gypsy girl, it just started and as a scribble and got better, came out real well, have to do an inked colour. The little overlapping Candlemans remind me of some kind of cover image. Hope you lie it :)

And here it is. Inked it up this afternoon and coloured it. Turned out ok I think :)

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Chris said...

Nice faces and that C. And wooooo is it autumn already?? Looks good but im not sure her leg works... i dunno. It looks a bit painful.
However all in all A+
And some buttocks ( Y )