HAY ART FAN, LISTEN UP... or look... at this new stuff, ooh, look he is updating it daily OMG!!
Any way, thats enough caps lock for today, heres some stuff I done today and here also, is some stuff i have done over the past few weeks, during my teaching myself to draw phase :)

This is one of the aforementioned 'learning to draw agin things', see I go through these stages were I like to mess about with my style, and i think its improving, till I look back at things I did, like 2 months before and realize, I stink, and actually what I was doing back then was ace, and then I have to remind myself how I was doing it, these scribbles are from one of those times, me trying to find my feet AGAIN, ooh dang, more caps...

The only way to get good is to draw ALL the time, one day I hope to get good, but in the mean time, I keep scribbling, new poses new positions different ways of using the line, over and over and over and sometime, just occasionally I do a drawing I really like, Like the one here with Willi sitting on a box in huge jeans and oversized basket ball boots, I just like it and thought you might :)

SOOOO, this is from this morning, Me warming up I guess, sometimes thats all I do, its not often i get a pick I actually like...

And finally, erm, liked the last sketch on the page before so did a more detailed pencil of it.
I'm in limbo at the mo, trying to move house, but when I do, I'm hoping to colour some of these up :)
But you'll just have to come back to see if I really like any of my pencils enough to try :)
Later Holmes

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