Yes todays the day, that possably the coolest film of all time comes out, and im in work and not in a cinema, which sucks...
Any way, we're here for art and nout else, so here is some.

Heres a page from my sketch book, hope u like it, not much to say about it really, just like some of the poses, like Willi jumping and Claude falling and landing, on his head hahahah.

Heres a really rescent sketch of Mega Priest, thought u peeps might like to see how hes changed and become a more develped character, I think he looks like DU-MAN

This was done for two reasons, one, I needed to test some colour and effect ideas I'd had over the past few weeks, and i rescently baught the new films and the lego games and to be honest am a bit Star Wars'ed up at the mo. :)

Because its Tenacios D day, heres a picture of my friend Loui, hes like an uber D fan and i did this pick of him to celibrate

And finally, I finished off the Hulk sketch i did on monday, sgot a few new colour techniques Ive been messin with, and I think its come out ok. :)

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