Sorry about there not being anything yesterday, but I was travelling the globe well, went to London at any rate. Went to see Phantom of the opera, wich was ace, sept the girl playing Christine couldnt sing, which really sucked.

All in all, good trip, and we saw Jonny Depp walking down the street which was cool. AAAny way, on with the pictures. As you may guess, i havnt done much over the last few days so heres a teeny but nice bit of shtuff

Heres a doodle scribble thing of a new character for Candleman, that may be on his way oooh

And heres a colour version, I like the coulours on it and the way he looks kinda slippery, which works well. Im not too happy with how the lines work this time though, the origonal ink looked cool, but i vectorised it in illustrator and that seems to of bummed it a bit, strange cos usually it makes it look amazing, ill probably redo it at some point, as usual, i prefure the pencils.

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