Hi there.
Sorry its been SOOO long, but alot's bin happening.
Mainly Geoff and I have bin gearing up for the next action packed fest of Candleman madnes, which has involved no end of inking and teaching myself to draw again.
so, in the mean time heres some shtuff to keep your eyeballs smiling.

Heres a lickle picture i did of the hulk the other day cos i was bored :)

I started my day today with some warm up scribbles, exploring some poses and stuff, man, I miss life drawing, and not cos of the T and A

And the scribbling led into this, which I'm quite pleased with, but not as much as...

This, inspired by a shot taken from some of the footage of the mighty Tom Cherril as Candleman, in action, can be seen now, on the web site...


go now, if you havent already

Better get on with some work I spose...

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