Had a good day yesterday of doodlin and scribblin and all round pictoral messin, so without further bush beating...

Ok, I lied, these aint too good, erm, shit... Although I like the bearded guy top right corner :)

I like these ones better. The top right hulk is workin for me, something must be special about the top right corner of pages...

Faces, nuf said

More faces, like the comics guy

and more... Just trying to get good at expressions really.

So, as you know, from reading below, went to see Phantom of the opera in london on tweekend, it was pretty kick ass, Any way, the openning was rad and Carlotta was cool, she comes out singing to this little prop sevred head and its ace, so i did a pick, heres some of the doodles for it...
I had the image in my head from the night of the show really, tried it bottom right, redid it and liked it top left...

Then did a nice big pencil sketch, ive only rescently got into the habbit of drawing stuff big, and i like it, cos i can get so much more in, you'll also notice its the other way round from the sketches above, thats just me, I almost always flip stuff when i copy it, only way it looks as good or in this case better than the orig.

Hope you like it.

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