Another picture of an early butgoning concept for a new character, Rivet, not much to say

And there is this, a sketch of Candleman I did entirely in pen WOW, how chuffed am I , strait off in felt tip and i dont hate it

Yay, more colour stuff, This again was drawn strait off in felt tip and turned out quite well, I then scanned it in and used PS to colour it, looks pretty good, if i do say so myself, god how arogant am i , but why not, it looks the way i want it to and arnt we all a bit tired of the artist who hates all his own work, what a cleshe, I dont nesiserily hate all my stuff, just a large pertion of it and most of the time i like everone elses better than mine :)


Kei Phillips said...

thanks 4 coming by, im soo chuffed u liked. :D i've linked u so i'll be back soon.
these pics are awesome btw, :)

spleenal said...

I agree with Kei

Ash Collins said...

that fact that u colour as well as you draw adds insult to, well, insult :D

i'm animating the dinamo thing now, show ya when its done :)

UrbanBarbarian said...

dude! Sabertooth rocks! Great drawing!