pics and how too's

Hello there, sorry for the lag of updates and the blatent lack of Comic book pages. On the comic book note, It will most likelly be several weeks before I continue posting them as, things here in work are getting hecktic and I am waiting for a lap top to arrive so I can colour away to my hearts content.

So, leaving excuses aside, here is a scribble of mega priest i did tuther day.

And here is a pick of Wilhelmina getting her dander up, Ive been drawing her in her fancy gown alot latelly, mainly cos of working on INFERNO, its reminded me of all the fun design eliments there were within it.
And here is were a few more things started to make sence, about how to actually draw well, or at least creat the look I want


Ash Collins said...

hey there fellow ex-GCADT mofo.
just wanted to say, I hate you. because you're so fucking good.

grrr. why couldn't they teach us to draw the way you do???

lol candleman rox tho

Crips Pink said...

lol, blush, shucks fucker, yer shouldnt say such things