lots of shtuff and doowdilin

Here's a random selection of doodles from the past week or so.
Here is a quick sketch i did of the Green Goblin from Spiderman, yay, such a class vilain, why oh why did he suck so much in the film, ho hum, hollywood, u are the bane of our world, sorry, rant territory there, um were was I oh, yes, this was knocked out fast in pen, I am using pens these days to tryan and boost confidence in my line work, see, u cant really do construction and once u have put a line down thats it, thats why his pumpkin holding arm looks a little loke a snake, a bit formeles and a tad too long, try not to look at it, I dont.

Ah, now, back onto my own shtuff... This is a doodle of Wilhelmina, again a revisit to the current comic on CANDLEMANIA, it will be a while till u get to see this, as my colegue decided he couldnt hack doing any more to it, just as the shit was kickin off, nicelly timed there, oh well, what you gonna do, he is after all extremely busy. Sorry, very bitchy of me, and this is not a forum for my personal issues, ah who am I kiddin...
Willis sportin a fantabulous black eye here, not that I in anyway promote smackin women about, but in this case it surves well to make my baddy into a total bastard, hay, worked in Back to the future.

Oh, K, here's a page of scribbles and cack, mainly, the picture of Willi sitting looking a bit down, its kinda sweet, I like it, hope u do too :)

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