Yay, here he is, its looking like you people are locing him these days, which is nice, more than nice infact, its great, so heres some picks of the man himself. I feel I must make some appologies, first off for the horrid copyright thang splashed over the picks, but, a friend of mine advised me to do it, specially as we have had cock heads liberating our images in the past and giving no credit, He is copy righted as in, being held by shark like lawyers, that will be used if they have to be. Theres that horidness out of the way, on two appology 2: I got pissed at the apparent death of my comic page www.candlemania.co.uk, its still there just not doing much, and promised that I would keep the comic going here, which, i have so far NOT done, but I will HONEST, Im just waiting on dell to get my laptop to me and I can actually get this shit rolling again.
Here's a pick I did for a friend of mine who's feeling a bit under the weather at the mo. Now, Ive talked to a few folks and they've said that I should put a colouring tutorial up, I shall indeed do this next week some time, so keep yer eyes furmly locked to the sight with the Candleman on it, and Ill give out my secrets...
As for now... LATERS possy :)

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