Well, not really, but kinda. We're closing in on the Birmingham Comic con, we visited last year. a low profile was kept and much sneaking about was done, this year we are planning to go properly and actually attempt to flog some art work. I've applied for a table and am in the process of getting some of the comics printed, what should be available to anyone willing to spend a small amount will hopefully be, a full colour print of Candlemans first adventure, 'the legend of darkness falls' and a never before printed black and white comic produced specifically for the comic con. Ill keep u guys up to date on developments as they unfold, right here on CANDLEMANS blog page. For information on the comic con, like were it is and how best to get there and who else will be there, if my unprofessional presence isnt enough go here, http://www.thecomicsshow.co.uk/

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