Sup folks.
Heres some doodles frpm the last day or so.

Did these yesterday, im really in the zone of pushing my style at the mo, and just trying to nail good facial stuff

This agin is mor expression stuff, i dont feel like enough modern artists realise how expressive and mobile the face is and how much it stretches and moves when its expressing.
This page gives away a bit of how i build up my comics, it usually entales me drawing things that i like at the time, at the mo there are girls in snow and creepy villains and candleman trying not to drown, I usually have a concept for a comic and then just doodle all around the idea and will free style out conversations etc in random orders on pages, and if i like um ill take it all together into the story structure I have in mind.

Heres nore scribbles, got to blow my own horn here and say I LOVE the scribble of Willi in an oversised mans hoody on the left, wonder what she thinks id so rediculous :)

Ooh, nearly forgot this one, did this before i left for work this mornin, it was based on a doodle i did yesterday, I liked it, then got to work and found the doodle and thought the doodle was way more expressive, ho hum

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