I tell you bud, hes got radio active blood...

No, not the kgb spy guy, SPIDERMAN, for some crazy reason i went to my online folio, which hasnt been updated in forever, as you know, all the action is HERE, any way, I went to my folio and stumbled over my spiderman from forever back, and here he is

Wow, thats cheap I hear you cry, recycling something from way back when, but bare with me, there is a point, im anglin up for summit here...

Using some techniques past on to me by the art lords I have desovered nestling in a mist shrowded temple on the north face of mount Rare, I did a bit of a spanglified version of SPIDERMAN.
A friend of mine here is really good at critting my stuff and has helped me anilyse some of my own failings, for example, despite the mega perspective in the origonal pick, it still feels flat, something i tend to do in my colouring, however I think ive adressed that in the repaint, hope you all love the shit out of it :)

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