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So INFERNO, its a nice word, conjures up lovely warm images of burning buildings and Steve Mcqueen with a fire axe, but also, it represents soo much more. To the trained eye, that glow on the horizon indicates the greatest comic event in the history of the world, or maybe not, you'll just have to read it and find out, but till that grand day hits us sqarely between the gnads with a clenched fist full of awesomitude, here are some picks to be getting on with...

Yay, HELLFISH, soon to be appearing in Candleman, how? you ask, followed by, who is he? and why? all shall be revealed, do not fret, in the meen time, just bask in the glorry of its much improved colouring (scroll down to see old one YIKES) hmm, I sound pleased now, give it a few months, I'll look back on him and cringe most likelly.

And here to keep him company is the oh so eluminated Candleman, all ready to battle evil on the snow swathed streets of Hope. Bah, couldnt make him as shiny as my spidermans and such as theres nos spandex, mmm :(

Speaking of Spandex, heres a classic WONDER WOMAN, its a Xmas present for a friend of mine, he likes Wonder woman, and who wouldn't, erm me, shes Amazonian, which means real tall and thats just odd...more picks

Look, the Fett, I like starwars, what can i say.

NOW GOOO to the site of Candleman and watch all new live action aceness that is 'CHAIR' go NOW www.candlemania.co.uk

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