Hello. I did this yesterday, hope you like him, good ol venom, hes like an old friend, like a tick or some other kind of skin infesting parasite.
I put a bit of a halftone patern thing on it, so i could make believ that one day my stuff might actualy be printed.
Now Q and A, someone had a look at my Spidee yesterday and said that, due to the intensity of the sunlight in the image, surely the shadows would be more intence, and yes, thechnically this is true, but, as one of my mentors is fond of telling me, stuff in the fore ground is darker, so, I perposefully darkened spideys outsretched hand and left the shadows beneath him a fare bit softer, if I darkenned them any more I feel it would of flattened out the image, which is one of my nemisie when colouring. :)

Ok, heres some plugging for you, of other folks stuff for a change.
Do you feel tired of the cookie cutter of chearful hollywood animation farmed out to waige slaves in Korea, being payed by the second (of animation, thats loads by the way) to create mindless shows about how tough it is growing up in a privilaged American town, whilst your pearents are out urning more cash in their million dollar suits, flung against the angst filled drama of fighting aliens at night in a crime infested urban grot den? then fear no more the string of abjectives is over, here,s your pay off, how mint does this look? http://feed.stashmedia.tv/feed/2006/6/2/monster-samurai.html

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