Mornin mondaze

Wow, what a weekend. Bin moving into my new house, Im hurtin in all new places :( but on the upside I have drawings for you :)

Did these a few weeks back, every one on the page seems a bit suprised, I really like the doodle of Conner peekin from under his hoody, he's up for his first appearance in the up coming web comic on
www.candlemania.co.uk sgonna be a big one this time weighing in at an arm aiching 70 pages...

Heres some doodles I did Friday night, concepts of how Willi may look in the up coming secon 2 chapters of my trilogy I have in mind...

And here, just to tantilize you a little bit more, cos talk of 70 page epics that are only the firts part of a trilogy of Candle fueled madnes isnt enough, heres a sneeky peak at one of the pages in the new saga, this is howI I wright most of the comics, as i mentioned before, I start with a basic structure in mind, then I draw the characters out and they have a conversation, and as weird as it sounds its the conversation between the two that wrights itself, for example, here I start with Candlemans reaction to the weather and his comments trigger Priests reaction and the conversation is pushed in a direction, sometimes it doesnt go were I want and thats when editing is needed :) ALot of the things I wright are done simply by presenting my character with a situation and thinking about and working out on paper how he would deal with it.

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