You know what would be coowol? a candleman short for Christmas, well watch this space. In the mean time, I feel lazy, here are some pancils I have pushed out in the last few days

'Ya, i heve been wierking out' Ok, a farely hulked up Spidy, but I like him, and that guy with the cool pumpkin jaw on the left of him, who looks like green goblin, but isnt, erm, you know the guy...

Smore from my sketch book, encluding that indearing simbol of American Americaness Captain America

Some pics i did whilst scanning this stuff in yesterday, featuring a pick of me in my current bierdyness

And a pencil of Mr Lucifer, develish harasser of men wearing Candles everywere. :)


Here you go then, as i said, there's a little Christmas pressie on its way to the world, if ever the find this godamn page, in the form of a 3 page festive fun fest from Candleman, here's a finished panel, it shuld be up in time for the weekend, hope you all love it, dont be expecting much of a story now folks, just nice art and sillnes. :) Go WILLI GO

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