Jaffa cakes

Are the smack of the biscuit world, Idare anyone not to eat a whole pack if its there infront of you...
And on that revelation, heres a spiderman i did tother day

Incase your wondering why I keep drawing characters that belong to other stuff then its simple, I like drawing marvel stuff as its a bench mark when practicing, as it exists in comic for already i can guige my drawings against them ans see were i need to improve, then apply those techniques to my own stuff. :)

Oh and here's Ash from Evil dead, no reason other than hes one of the coolest guys alive and the films kick ASS sept the first one thats just plain odd.

Dont worry, ill be gettin up some uber coloured Candleman shizzle soon,
in the mean time, go here for some class stuff that mr G03 has put together http://www.candlemania.co.uk/gallery.html some of its anciant and a little cringe worthy and some of its pretty ace, Geoff has done some sweet ass work :)

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