Yes. its the day after yesterday and its most likelly to be the day before tomorrow, but you never know.
In the land of art, things are proceeding nicely. Ive been doing some big scribbles, a daring feet for me, full a 4 draws usually bother me a bit, but, hay, gots to practice. :).
Spent last night working out how my trilogy is going to pan out and mainly how the last episode will run, ive worked them out of order mainly so i can work out how to structure the cnetral stuff, ide share some rough lay outs with you, but the stuff in them would blow the whole plot at this stage and i dont wanna do that.

Heres some stuff from yesterday afternoon, mmm girls

Here's a quick skeych of an up and coming big bad for Candleman 'SPIDER'

Few lickle picks here, including Aquaman, never really a fan, but rescently saw a pick of him by Mike Mignola, and that guy can make anything look cool, so I felt like doing a doodle of him myself

A move away from the comic standars of skinny chicks, here's Claude's lawyer, and trust me, the way the trilogys panning out, he's gonna need one.

A big pencil of Willi, so k, spose, looks a bit too much like Billy Piper though :(

A nice big pencil of Candleman

And a sexi mambo girl mmm, nice marackas

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