Here's an idea about how we can stop drouts in 3rd world nations like parts of Africa. Space launches... no, no hear me out now. Its on the equatore for a start, so this makes it pretty ideal for launching space craft, cos it helps to have the spin of the earth behind your star ship. Now for the good part, the only by product of a rocket launch is RAIN, yeah baby, whenever they launch the shuttle in the US, thirty miles away, it rains. Apparently it wouldnt work, but I live in hope, in the mean time here are some pictures ...
Swing SPIDEEE SWING, did this little spidee dude on the yeaterday just gone, looks kinda cool, I wasnt sure about the bg, then I thought, hang on, the lights are on and its day DOH, so I went and changed it quick, hehehe im dim, hope you likes it.

And here's Robin, YAY, yeah, I know he's gay, think the pick turned out ok though, and he looks a little rugged and less of a but monkey, so thats got to be good, something cool is going on with his arm on the left of the pick, I dont know what but I like it

Right, so I'm off to pitch my idea about rain rockets to the UN, see you on the morro. :-) with Candleman colours ooooh.

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