WTF?! what a POS

Has the world gone totally and unsparingly totally NUCKIN FUTS! ( that’s an anagram, a real subtle one.)

I’m sorry to turn this little haven of art goodness into a platform for my political ranting, but day by day, HOUR BY HOUR I find us, and our little happy clappy chav (see Jade Goody) ridden society sliding relentlessly down the gravelly slopes of doom toward the ever beckoning hot bacon smelling gape of the mouth of hell!

STARGATE, I was watching it the other night, the series now, not the movie, and there between the witty lines and brilliant dialogue, a mystery was solved, the mystery of why our news is soo full of dire consequences. A character on the show pointed out, there are two ways to maintain controle over a society, 'fear' or 'hope', geee. Wonder which one their using on us, when the TV continuously drones on about 'bombings, terrorists, pedophiles’, mass murderers, lack of prisons, psychos on the streets, bird flue, gun crime, stabbings and lest we forget global warming'.
The irony is, that governments who do this tend to be forgotten quickly and we remember the nice guys who were pretty upbeat, Like JFK and Churchill. JFK told everyone we could go to the moon and that we should work together to build a better world, not build fences to keep um out. And Churchill kept every one smiling even when the Nazis were practically at the door.
So basically, my message is this. IT'LL BE OK. Terrorism will die, and end, or change or something, the pedophiles’ will get arrested, and we'll deal with global warming and find a better happier warmer world on the other side. So don#t listen to Tony’ propaganda, life’ too short to be dragged down by it all.

Now then.
Here's what we're here for. ART. Having mentioned terrorists and Peado's I'd better post something before the stealth Blackhawk helicopters lower men in cammo onto my house and glove up for a full body cavity search.

Did this this morning. Its a sketch I did a while back and I just found myself inking it. IN A COMPUTER. The ink line work is actually done in PS, which is a first. Penny Arcade do it all the time, but I never felt able to do it, TILL today. Its not great, I feel maybe in places it lacks a little bit of dynamic, but over all its come out better than I would of hoped. :)

Here's a sketchbook doodle of a girls bum. Hmm. Just a look at how trousers pull and fold really.

And a picture of an Egyptian style warrior girl. As I mentioned in my previouse rant, I've been watching Stargate, so I'm in a bit of an ancient Egypt mode at the mo.


I've always loved the Dark Knight, The first comic hero I really followed. I always liked the idea that he was just a guy, not a super alien from another world who gets his powers from earths sun.

Anyway, figure I'll take you through this sucker stage by stage.

It started as a rough pencil sketch of the Dark Knigh and at this stage ive scanned it (obveously) and have but in the primary shadows. I always do this before I colour it., coming soon. COLOUR ooooh.

See you later :)

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"how trousers pull and fold really"

Thats my excuse too :D