YOW my toe !!

Yeah, I had a good go at breaking one of my toes yesterday. :( spect I'll live though. I did it whilst INKING, woo yeah. I got some ace stuff done while I was at home having some servicing done to my car, and busting my feet.
I'm gonna be cruel and release it in dribs and drabs to you people. Starting with...

I said that the Weather girl character might well be developed into something more, well here she is, in all her lightenning powered glory.
In all honesty, this pic is ok. It was the first one of the day and it had been a while since I took a drawing all the way from pencils to this, so, thats my excuse anyway.


Ninja weather girl strikes. Stop looking at her pants or she'll strike you down.

More scribbles of yon Weather girl. :)

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