If this even looks like its sposed to itll be a fother muckin miracle...

Did some doodles of the infamous Katherine Wield, tiger trainer and acrobat turned crime fighter.

And a little corner page doodle of Hayden Panetanipaninanananpan, well, Clair from Heroes

I liked it cos, even though its just a doodle theres something about it kinda looks like her.

And the final colour pic for the week. WORMINA. Its a zombie version of Wilhelmina, created when some cloning experiment went wrong.

Pretty chuffed with this one. I did the pic of Candleman in the grave yard and was like yeah, thats sweet, and the I just got the inking bug, so I inked up a shitty doodle from the corner of a page and it turned out ok, and then I coloured it up with some nifty back lighting and fire, that looked pretty good actually. Happy with this one :)

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