Here's a little added thinky.
Claire from HEROES. Man, that series is AMAZING, X-men meets unbreakable with some awesome acting and genius writing. And lets hope it goes somewere unlike LOST

Well. That got your attention. I know it did.

Today we have selection of both boobs and moobs. Here are some doodles from yesterday featuring Wilhelmina waving her arms about and sitting and Claude going FNARG, im guessing hes a bit angry about something, probably you looking at his Willi

And more nakidity.
Mainly I've just been improving my posing and anatomy, with no
desernable characters here. Just pushing the pose a bit really.

A Mayan King.

He's part of some ideas for the back story and history of Candlemans world.

And, as promissed, the second of three full colour pics that I did on Wednesday while I was having my car sorted.

Im pretty chuffed with this puppy, he turned out way
better than I'd imagined.

I hadn't intended to put him in Mega Priests grave yard, it just happened. I added in the mist for atmosphere and that reminded me of old hammer horror grave yards and the rest went from there. Its stronger with the idea of something going on, I feel.

And today I have a link for your, the fab art stylings of Mr Alan Tew

www.beeba.net go now and be awesomised :)

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Chris said...

Like the gizmo candlemans holding! Nice preacher in the background too!! Wanktastic