I am living in the fear of growing a George Lucas neck.

I took a picture of me and my girlfreind the other day, and the angle of my head gave me some kinda huge neck, so I did this little pick of me, with a Snake Plisken eye patch dunno why, I like Snake, he's coowol.

And, back in film world, work creeps forward on Candleman: lights out.

Heres a page from the script, a work in progress as you'll no doubt notice a billion mistakes in spelling and gramma and its general over all basicness.

But it does have some doodles on it u may find interesting, and some little insites if you can be assed to read it.

And here is how I write. OMG!? I hear you cry, WTF is that?
This is how I write my quick ideas and dialogue, I doodle the two characters and let them chat to eachother in a situation, and as you can see it tends to wander all over the page as I think and gradually run out of paper, if you can work it out, good luck to yah :)

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Geoff said...

Plissken's really let himself go.