Some times. Quite often actually, I slip in my style and kinda feel like Ive lost something in my work. And then, sometimes, I find I've recaptured it, like this pick here, theres just something about it I like. Which for me is a nice thing, I usully don't like my work too much.
This is a news presenter/ weather girl for candleman, and who knows she may be something more in time. Man, I love developing characters. :) Hope You like her.

Possably a bit arrogant of me, but I thought I'de put up some notes on how I draw my female characters, just incase they were of use to anyonel like, how not to draw um or summit, i dont know.

I know that my fems are not that accurate anatomically, but thats a design desision more than anything. Like the tiny hips and the way thay are made out of the half crsents of the top of the legs, aint too true, but I like the look.

And more female folks and a Zombie. The Zombie is a new hero Geoff and I came up with the other day called EX-HUME. He's a zombie crime fighter, as you can imagine, being undead could be useful in a fight. And the two girls are Action Hero League agents, which means nothing to no one at the moment, but hopefully soon. It will :)

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