Hmmm. Now heres a little tease from me to you, cos your speacial

A little screen shot from the pre production stuff for CANDLEMAN : Lights out, the first candleman movie.

Im considering doing it in black and white, I dont know why, but when i started thinking about the opening sequence, i just started seeing it in black n white, like citizen kanem and now I just can't shake the image.

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Geoff said...

Definitely black and white, then we don't have to worry about colour!)
As the emphasis is on the idea of light itself, then going with monochrome should be somewhat purifying. Plus: if we light it well enough, we won't need to worry about using an expensive 3CCD camera as most of the tatty-looking grainyness is in the color. (But then the sound will be a problem if we use a little camcorder...)