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Today we present breasts!. Here's a pic I did yesterday of an Aztec princess. At the mo I'm re exploring the core ideas of the Candleman universe amd having a look at ancient cultures and cool stuff with skulls and blood and gold, which the Aztecs and all those folk were quite big on. As for the boobies, well them tribal types especially a few thousand years ago didnt have wonder bras to my knowledge any way, but you never know, archiology may yet surprise us.

And an evolution of the above princess, now in warrior form, and ok, ok, i covered her hoo harrs this time. Would make sence for fighting, you dont want um gettin in the way of guttin lopped off. :)

Mainly depicting Gerald Moogue, origonally called Morgue, a character from one of my Candleman draft scripts, he gets hold of some ancient Mayan glove things and uses them for EVIL

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm boobies, they were big (sic) with every civilisation!

Nice sketch of the old dude craning his neck too.